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Dr. Who Reviews Incoming

So it was suggested to me, as I recently began my journey to watching “Dr. Who” that I should write about it, especially with how I was posting different things on facebook.  So I figured I’d give it a shot and see how we do.  A few things before we start this journey.

1) This is my first time ever really watching the show.  I went into it with an attempt at no preconceived notions about the show or its cast/fan base.
2) These posts will probably contain spoilers, my attempt will be to minimize this, but I make no promises.
3) Some reviews may be more in depth than others…but you should know this from previous encounters.

So without further ado…here is Matthew the Movie Geek’s look into the first episode, “Rose.”

[Click and highlight to see] If you can read this, you followed directions!

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Roger Ebert – A Reviewer I Admired

“Siskel and Ebert give it two thumbs up.” 

These were words that movie goers would eagerly await for to often judge a movie.  And often there were differences of opinion, with one thumb going up, the other down, and any combination thereof.  I was one of those movie goers.  Granted, there are movies that we will often disagree with a critic’s view, but such an iconic phrase to hear, you have to respect the experience and ability that they held.  While Gene Siskel passed in 1999, Roger Ebert continued to do movie reviews with Richard Roeper for a number of years.

I’m not going to lie, I often tried to find my own little nifty catch phrase that wasn’t stealing the “Thumbs Up” that was made famous by the pair, but I never really could come up with something that didn’t just creep into the shadow and try to steal the light of what they had.  While all people eventually will die, a reality that we all must face-often with resistance-the death of someone iconic always hits us deeply.  In 20 years someone of this day and age will pass and we’ll be hit as hard as those we lose today.  And the names of people we have lost today and in years past will slowly begin to fade, hopefully though taught by someone to our future generations as a piece of history.  We must take the moment to honor those who have passed, and also pray for the family and friends of one of my favorite, if not my favorite, movie critic.

God Bless you and your family, Roger Ebert.

-Matthew the Movie Geek

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