“Apollo 18”

28 Oct

So most of us have probably seen Ron Howard’s “Apollo 13” with Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Kevin Bacon, and so on.  Most of us should know the history about the Apollo missions, how we went to the moon, and lost the lives of several astronauts throughout the space program.  Apollo 17 was the last flight to the moon, and that’s the official record.

“Apollo 18” would like to disagree, and tell the viewer that we in fact, had 3 more missions planned, and somehow a large amount of classified footage was found and then posted to a website, which, upon checking, is the movie trailer.  But I digress…

The story takes us to 1974, where the Apollo 18 mission is green lit by the DoD, disguised as a satellite launch to explore on the moon.  Usual launch with lunar orbit and landing follows, all the while we have lots of cameras to capture angles inside the shuttle, lunar module, and hand held cameras to document what’s going on.  It’s all the beginnings of the found footage movie formula.

Though what “Paranormal Activity” had for originality and low budget, “Apollo 18” tries to make up something that some conspiracy theorists would be drooling at the mouth over.  Let’s be honest folks, if the government really didn’t want something like this to get out, would they allow such a movie to be made with ‘found footage’?  If you believe the answer is yes, then I ask you to seriously consider your sources, and also speculate that you probably believe that “Paranormal Activity” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” really happened…

The pacing is smooth throughout the picture, with your normal jump moments there to alarm you, something that I think may have played better on the big screen, but wasn’t as much scary as it was perhaps alarming to see some of the stuff happen to these astronauts.

If you like this film genre, then it’s worth the hour and a half, especially with it being on Netflix and not costing you the $1.20+tax at Redbox.

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