*Dusting Off the Keyboard* “The Heat” (the movie, not the NBA team)

28 Jun

Sorry to all of my readers, however many of you actually pay attention to what I post on here, for my extended absence, again.  School has been, rather crazy and busy, but I am going to do my best to put on my big boy britches and get back to it.

And we begin tonight’s sojourn into the blogging word with my review of “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.  This is a different take on the buddy cop comedy movie, where Bullock plays a rather uptight and arrogant FBI agent(Ashburn) who is sent to Boston to investigate and try to take down a drug lord.  She meets up with McCarthy’s (Mullins) local detective who is a bit, unorthodox, and through a series of misfit adventures, close calls, among other escapades, they learn to work together.  Sure, we’ve seen it before, ‘by the book’ meets ‘off the cuff’ and somehow their act eventually works in sync.  And usually, we’re tired of it and groan at the cliches that fill the screen.

But what works this time is that both McCarthy and Bullock have the comedic chops to pull off this often vulgar romp through the investigations.  Include the director of “Bridesmaids” Paul Fieg and writer Katie Dippold, whose works noted on IMDB include “Parks and Recreation” and “MADtv,” and you have a pretty solid team that will leave you laughing pretty hard at a number of scenes.  The chemistry between Bullock and McCarthy is fairly solid, though I will admit I feel McCarthy tries to come on a little strong.  I wasn’t a huge fan of her in “Bridesmaids” though I actually enjoyed her in this.  There are a good number of twists and even a few touching moments, and some great scenes where the Boston accent lends its comedic charm (just watch it and trust me).

So if you want to watch a vulgar comedy that will have you laughing out loud, go see it with an audience.  Even with the price of admission over $10, there is something spectacular about seeing a movie in a theater with a crowd.


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