“Lincoln” – A Piece of History All Should See

27 Apr

Let’s begin our journey of “Lincoln” with taking a moment to remember this is not “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter,” but the Steven Spielberg film.

Now that we have that out of the way, “Lincoln” is the story of the last few months of Lincoln’s life, focusing on the passing of the 13th Amendment to United States Constitution, that abolished slavery.  What we’re taught in elementary school in history class is not the story we see here.  Lincoln did what a politician does, politic and work to get the votes he needs to get his agenda moved forward.  And while some of the tactics weren’t what we’d expect from Honest Abe, the movie shows the politics necessary to pass this important Amendment.

Spielberg, as always, is an amazing film maker who really allows the audience to not only enjoy the movie, and is clean and precise in his executions.  But of course, the real star of this, is Daniel Day-Lewis, who plays Lincoln.  When watching this movie, I do not see Daniel Day-Lewis, I see Abraham Lincoln.  Put aside all of the awards that he received that signal the industry’s approval and acknowledgement of his ability to completely immerse himself as a character, and just look at his performance, it truly is amazing.  And to be honest, there wasn’t a performance by an actor or actress that I did not enjoy in this film.

While the acting and directing were excellent, keep in mind that this is not your popcorn flick of the summer.  This is a very heavily dialogued, historical drama, that I originally watched while slightly tired and had to pause half way through because of the extensive dialogue.  And while it has elements that do not follow history exactly as it occurred, “Lincoln” is a movie that shows a significant piece of history, that really all should, and need, to see.


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