Silent Hill: Revelation 3D-The 2D Experience

24 Mar

So I shall begin with stating that I never intended to see this in 3D.  While I agree that most 3D films have that tacked on feel, it really just messes with my eyes and gives me a headache to watch the RealD 3D movies in theaters.  And this does include movies that were made for 3D viewing from the beginning, I just can’t watch them.

Silent Hill is the fictional town that is the subject of what was first a series of video games, which never owning a PlayStation, I have only played one installment, “Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams” on the XBOX.  The games revolve around a central character who ventures into this very disturbing town cloaked in darkness and you’re just trying to survive while fending off monsters and facing your own inner demons.

“Silent Hill” was directed by Christophe Ganes, who directed “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (one of my top movies) and I really dug the “Silent Hill” movie.  Though the trailers for this sequel didn’t seem to have the same mystery, but appeared to be more about gore and what sick things they could put on the screen.  Much like a number of forced sequels, this movie felt more about what shock and 3D factors could be shown versus what kind of story can we present that helps build on what we had from the previous movie.

Now, I know they pulled elements from a number of the games to make the movies and didn’t necessarily just do one game and translate it to screen, but from what I’ve heard from fans who have played the games, the first film did it a lot more justice than this last one.  To be quite honest, this is one of those movies that even though it was a free rental, I’d like my free code back please.

If you’re a die-hard fan, you’ll probably appreciate the creatures, which I’ll admit were well done, but overall the film just doesn’t have substance.  And while I try to appreciate a movie for what it was, I can’t appreciate this one.

[Edit: 11:39PM, 03-24-13]

My friend, @PendejoJoe did remind me of something I did not mention.  What Christophe Ganes did for “Silent Hill” was really set the tone and create a movie world worthy of matching the video game one.  “Silent Hill: Revelvation 3D” was able to match that same tone and atmosphere and should be applauded for that at least.

But don’t applaud too loud please…it isn’t worth it…


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