Immortals in RealD 3D

23 Nov

I begin this post with throwing in my two cents about 3D.  I was raised on 3D being that the picture had parts that went into the audience and broke the screen’s 2D limitations.  RealD 3D is something I am still getting used to, and am not particularly happy when the one way to see a film at theaters is in the Read D 3D and you have to pay $3.50 more than expecting.  The RealD 3D made my eyes and head hurt the first time watching it, which was a showing of “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.”  The colors looked duller, the action not enhanced by the 3D, and the constant eye and head pain took me away from enjoying the film.

Now, having said that, I will admit I had my skepticism with Immortals when I saw that there were more showings in 3D than 2D, but it is what my wife and I decided to see.  Though I was not disappointed.

The story follows a bit of the mythology of Theseus, who we know mostly for killing the Minotaur in school, and his journey as a boy to a young man.  He goes against the King Hyperion and his army, all on a quest to prevent the Titans from being freed from Mount Tartarus, where they had been kept after losing their war with the gods.  The movie begins with a good little backstory that explains how and why these these things had occurred and where we were now.

With Producers from “300”, the movie uses a lot of slow motion, intense violence and blood, all with a grand backdrop and fast paced action to keep moving.  And in that, it succeeds greatly.  While I felt it didn’t have the same feel as “300”, I really enjoyed the movie, as well as the rather intense fight scenes, especially when Hermes appears in full god form and cleans house with some bad guys.  The audience, including myself, made a number of audible responses to that and later fight scenes where quite a bit of gore was to be had.

All though what we would expect from the previews, and it delivers as an entertaining movie.  The RealD 3D in this film wasn’t painful, and it makes me wonder if “Dawn Treader” had 3D added as an afterthought to just get more money, where in “Immortals” the film was intended for both dimensions and added to the experience.

My Recommendation: See It in 3D if it doesn’t hurt your eyes to see these type of movies, otherwise, 2D should be just fine.

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